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More Than Just NFT's

Our collectible characters are an all access pass to our development and a part of our animated universe!

Your Citizen: An ALL ACCESS PASS!

Join our Community, Get exclusive access to events, and be apart of animation history!

Community Driven Animated Universe with Live Story Time Events

Help create with our team and watch them grow as artists, join them in building our Animated Expanded Universe through Live Storytime Events! A regular series of animtaed shorts, set in our world, featuring a selection of your NFT collectible characters, that we produce with YOU the community!

NFT Holders can join in & offer ideas, art, and all manner of jokes, skits, and dialog, in collaboration with our team, to help define our Showrunners Vision!

Fan Powered Growth   click to expand

Our supporters can all work together to promote as a community when we release new shorts or episodes!

This will allow our community to grow and popularize our series to the world as one voice, bringing in even more engagment, increasing viewership, and allowing our NFT supporters to prosper with our growth! Truley Fan Powered!

NFT Episode Tagging   click to expand

If your NFT appears in a animated short or our main show its meta data will be updated with an Episode Number and Time Code making it even more rare & collectible, and solidifying its place in our Animated Fan Driven Universe!

Behind the Scenes Work Room   click to expand

Access to our EXCLUSIVE team work channel where we update our NFT Holders with workday updates, sketches, concept art, rough cuts, livestreams, and more!

The Cutting Room Floor   click to expand

Another specialzied discord channel where un-seen bits and peices that get lost, forgotten, snipped, trimmed or discarded from production, will find a home here for our NFT Supporters!

Support an Ongoing Animated Universe & Show!   click to expand

Support the production directly! Our main show is slated for production with the goal of distrbuting through major streaming platforms, along side growing our expanded world of NFT driven animated shorts which release regularly online!

Alongside enjoy a regular feed of animated shorts set in the world of Unicornitopia featuring your NFT charcaters, growing our Lore, and expanding our universe with you the fans!

Watch our Launch Day Livestream!

All the reveals, Feels, and sex appeals! Unicorn Dick Is on the Case!

Meet our team, learn about our project, FlairFinance, and joining us
Leauge of Legends Voice Actor ERIK BRAA (Aka Draven/Jax) who has joined our team!

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We are using Polygon (MATIC) in order to offer our supporters nearly no gas fee's and no gas wars. To get set up with Polygon and your meta bask, follow the guide on


Our team has donated their time over the last 4 years together building this project.

We have supported eachother in our passion, dedication, and excitment for our world and are ready to hit the ground running!

We wanted to proove we are coming with more than just a collection of NFT art pieces, so our creator decided to sit down live, and show off our charcater rigs, assets, and even animation straight out of our first episode! All of which we have already built before deciding to embark on this NFT journey with you!

Watch our Past Live Streams

We are so much more than just an animated series or an NFT project, we are building our own MetaAnimation, where our story, world, and lore merge with the expanded animated universe as a home for your NFT Citizenz to take center stage!

Even more sneak-peeks at our art, characters, story, nfts, storyboards and more all on our discord!


Giveaways, and OG roles for our most enagaged & enthusiastic supporters!

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Twitch Pixel Studios was Founded in 2017 by Jeff Saamanen (yours truly) and Natalie Harvey (Hey Everyone!), two passionate creatives with a love for animation, art, and each other!

We have been creating our own indie projects for over 20 years together (Holy crap has it been that long!), and formed Twitch Pixel Studios to bring together other talented artists and creatives to start building something entirely new, where we put our artists, ideas, and our passionate community first!

We have since added Myke Allen, an amazing artists and creator and kick-a** single dad, and Michael Murphree, a talented artists, creator and a passionate Musician!. Together we have spent the better part of the last 3 years in our free time, developing: Lost Hope, Unity One, Beat Monsters, and of course most importantly Unicorn Dick: Investigations!

A Shared World

Its a brave new world for artists and their supporters! Lets do this together, lets build a universe!

Through our expanded universe and NFTs, become a part of our story!

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Made With

Our zany cast of characters are each lovingly hand drawn with passion and dedication by our talented artists

You're not just supporting us as a studio, You're supporting our individual artists growth, whose drive and detrmination have make this possible!

Meet our artists on Discord!

A Dedicated

Working hard over the past few years our kick-a** team of artists and creatives have built a new world like no other!

All of us at Twitch Pixel Studios can't wait to share it with you!

Sneak Peeks on Discord!

NFT Crowdfunding
With Peace of Mind

Partnering with Flair Finance , they have created a way for you the fans to support us through our NFTs with saftey and peace of mind

We are held accountable for meeting our milestones, and your funds are slowly released to us over time in the same way many crowdfunding campaign do, to ensure we stay on track! At any point you feel unsatisfied with our progress you can return your NFT and claim the remainder of you purchase!

Mint Your Citizen!

Roadmap To Success!

We wanted a clearly define the path to our goals to ensure both transparency for you our supporters, as well as a strong foundation for us internally!

To keep things simple and organized we have broken our Roadmap down into three sections:

  • 0% FundedCOMPLETED!

    We have put in significant sweat equity already into this concept over the last 3 years including: concept, script, shot-lists, breakdown, thumbnails, storyboard, animatic, character builds, rigging, test-animations, and more!

    To learn & see more Join In on Discord!
  • 10% FundedIn Progress

    Minor work done here to maintain and keep organized the flow of production for when we are ready to execute with funding. We will be vetting new talent to join us when execution begins (when we reach 30% funded!)
  • 30% FundedPlanned

    We begin MAIN Production on our 1st Episode. (30% Completed already!) We will finalize the additional assets needed for each rig that are specific to their shot requirements based on our script breakdowns!
  • 50% FundedPlanned

    Reaching 50% funding will allow our internal artists and outside artists (Potentially from our community!) to begin the largest chunk of the work, the environments! We can also begin to hire more team mebers to fill other development needs!
  • 75% FundedPlanned

    75% Allows us to hire even more talented artists and team members to work both on our main production, but also our expanded universe, as well as bring on a few moderators for our social channels (hand picked from our community from our most active users!)
  • 100% FundedPlanned

    After we reach 100% funded, FULL PRODUCTION begins! We estimate 6-8 months and we will have completed production on our Pilot episode!

    Which means its time for a LAUNCH PARTY! Our first episode goes LIVE! First to you our supporters and community, then we release together as a community to the WORLD!

Our Team

Our team has been working together for over 10 Years on various projects.
We came together under one banner officially as Twitch Pixel Studios in 2017.
Now we are dedicated to producing our ideas, and supporting our artists in growing their ideas with YOU!

Jeff Saamanen

Strategy / Director / Animator

Jeff most notably animated on Dan Harmon's “HarmonQuest” and has been a passionate animator, entrepreneur & artist his entire life!

Natalie Harvey

Artist / Animator / Storyboards

Refining her skills alongside Jeff for the past 20 years, Natalie has lovingly handcrafted all the art for our series & NFT's so far from the ground up!

Erik Braa

Producer / Voice Director / Actor

A Talented content producer & prolific voice actor (League of Legends, World fo Warcraft, Walking Dead...)Who is bringing his expertise and amazing philosophy to our culture and team!

Michael Murphree

Artist / Concepts / Animation

First creating and growing Gaming Wildlife on youtube, Mike joined Jeff and Natalie early with his vision & drive to create and foster a community for artists!

Myke Allen

Artist / Concepts / Animation

Myke Allen graduated from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh with bachelor's degree in art & Design, with a strong focus on graphic art for comics and animation.

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[email protected]